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New direction for Motor Sanctum

August 20, 2020 by Paul

This site started out as a personal photoblog to share pictures of classic cars, but now I want to try something different.

I'm modifying to become a place to share your classic car, specialty vehicle or interesting ride of any kind with others in a mobile friendly format. The idea is to provide a place where a person can create a simple page to share their ride's story, details/specifications and pictures. Additionally, I'd like people to discover a ride's page by scanning a QR code that a ride owner would display on their ride at a car show or wherever. Think of the ride's page sort of like a car show sign that people view on their phone.

You have a cool ride, so for you it works like this:

You like cool rides, so you:

If you have thoughts on this idea, I'd like to get your feedback. You can email me at